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Print on demand

A service for publishing partners where we produce a book for you when an order is placed. Whether the order is for 1 or 1000 books, we can set up an automated process together, making it convenient for you to order books when needed.

Our expertise


We offer creative solutions and assist with project management to create a physical product. Our designers are experts in creating printed products and are aware of the characteristics of materials.

Print and post-processing

By using Xerox high-tech digital printers, we can guarantee a high-quality and environmentally friendly result. Our skilled experts keep an eye on the details and the customer's wishes.

Cross media

Our unique cross-media service allows you to engage with customers through their preferred medium. Be it email, web, social media, SMS or print. This ensures that you reach them where they are most active and responsive.

Xerox Iredess

Our Trademarks

Omaraamatu valge logo

Estonia's first software for ordering photo books

Librix Prindi valge logo
Librix Print

Digital printing house

in Tallinn

Wabrixi valge logo

Online corporate print environment 

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